Our Digital footprints


The creation of this blog is due to the recent MOOC oraganized by INTEF about our Personal Learning Environmets (PLEs). One of the first aim is to create this place in order to share all the different tasks and activities we are going to work on during the course, so that we can show and organize it all.

I’m really glad to have been hooked on this new adventure, where for sure we will  learn much about how to manage our movements and learnings in the network, how to create and, how to share.

The first task is about creating a tag cloud. He have used tagxedo, a very original and easy tool that offers the possibility of making a nice brainstorming, offering a wide variety of  shapes and colours. Good tool!

Moreover, for those who are interested in me, here you can see another of the course tasks, where we can complete our personal and professional profile docente.me , which briefly summarizes my personal experiences, my work and expectations.

Tags cloud

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