Creation of a Learning Community: Storytelling


In this unit we need to connect and join to a learning community, in order to get “Afania challenge”, activity suggested by  #eduPLEmooc. I have been some doubts to decide what community join to, because many of the proposed themes were really interesting. Finally, I joined to Storytelling #eduPLEmooc

I’m a Primary english teacher and, currently, I’m working in 1st cycle. I strongly consider stories as an important way to develop linguistic skills, not just in the FL class, but also in the first language. Moreover, it is even more important when working with children of that age, who are starting to develop their literacy, reading and writing. So this is the reason why I find this community and topic really connected to my interests in the classroom.

When teaching english as a Foreign Language, we try to create as many situations as possible to communicate, which is our main goal. Stories as a great resource to develop linguistic skills, verbal and non-verbal communication, vocabulary… It allows to develop both receptive and productive skills. Children can create, design, developing their creativity, learn about the importance of organization, work in groups, take into account their preferences, the use of ICT’s, develop the musical and visual (art) part needed in stories, and so on and so forth.

Stories are a part of our history. Before printing invention, people also needed to communicate and they did it orally. There have been some many changes since then. Until nowadays, where we can not just tell a story, communicate it, but we can make use of a wide range of resources to create a story, share immediately, and all over the globe.

storytellingIn addition, children love stories, that is a fact, you can observe their faces when telling one. Not only by teachers, but their parents, grandparents, a friend… Actually, everyone is interested in stories.

In this activity we had to mention 3 references of the community or the topic, mine are:

Carmen Caparros creator of the community.

– Manuela Ruiz, moderator of the community.

Gelen López, participant of the community.

I didn’t know them before, but I like their work and their ideas and posts about our topic here.

I’m really motivated to learn from this community and I hope to find more interesting educators through this challenge we have to work in together.

Here you can see some tips about Storytelling:

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