Information overload or “Infoxication”



This post is coming a bit late, but I have already had some problems of time. Those which generate exactly what we resume here, the excess of information and the lack of time. I could see all my PLE partners sharing their works and I couldn’t even read the unit. It is difficult not to get stressed.

I am currently getting into the ICT world, and I feel exactly that mental block and anxiety caused by the need of being informed of all around you, to answer to what is happening, don’t miss anything, you want to be part of many of them, and quickly because of the lack of time. Infoxication is the right word to describe what I feel.

It is difficult to escape from the several information, web pages, blogs, apps, among others, which we access. Even if you have a reduce range of web pages, the overload can colapse you.  This article of the Australian defines the term pretty good.

We have too much to know, and it is not easy to decide what information is more relevant than other. But if we don’t select, we can overwhelmed. It is more than obvious the need of enclose a little bit the area/a, or themes we want really to develop. I think that both experience and the lucky of can count with some strategies and tools,  show us how to manage in this immense world.

In this unit we had to mention some tools or strategies to process information.

First, one I consider really interesting is Symbaloo. I discovered it through the tasks of this unit and I am starting to use it. By now, I see it as a perfect way to organize content and sites.

On the other hand, Pinterest is the one we are already using in our english class, as a good way of organization, both for me and the students. We have organized all videos, ideas, games, whatever we find interesting, on boards, as it is the main characteristic of this tool. I can access quickly to the information I need, I can pin it in order to not lose it, and, moreover, students can access to it, in a intuitive way, whenever they will need.

We have different boards, and constructing… They mainly refer to the topics we are working in. Here you can have a look:

Captura de pantalla 2014-02-14 a la(s) 17.35.03

Finally, I recommend this interesting web, which can help us to know how to prevent information overload.

And also this funny video explaining some tips about managing the excess of information:

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