This week we are dealing with a new important term: Content Curator.

What does it mean? A content curator is a way to filter information, adding or modifying in order to give value to the content and not just transmitting. When you consider your public, the community you are going to, it is necessary to process information before transmitting, being critics and redirecting it in a more meaningful way.

In easy words, content curation refers to identifying, locating, filtering, organizing, and sharing content that is relevant to your audience. Moreover, this will help to manage “information overload” (infoxication) we were working on last week. In this way, we have the necessity to curate the contents we share, trying to avoid repeated content. We are not just transmitters, but curators too.

Also students need to manage with this, in order not no feel overwhelmed. So in this activity, we need to learn, as they said, how to be good content curators , as well as our students. It is a needed competence in digital literacy.

For this activity, I have used Piktochart. I could find it as a great tool to show in a quick view about what you want to transmit. It is a clear visual way of communication. It was the first time I get into this App, but this is the final result:


Finally, I think that using this digital content (infographies) could be really useful to work with students. It allows you to create kind of posters where they can include pictures, links… whatever.

Concretely, for my English classroom, it is an interesting tool for students to communicate and express. They will develop their writing skill, as the same time they are dealing with ICT’s in some many ways (looking for information, selecting, communicating…)